Laura Sollis

Counselling,Psychotherapy & Supervision

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Online and Telephone services offered throughout the U.K


           Please be aware that I am only able to offer sessions via Zoom, Telephone or Walk and Talk.



If you find yourself here then you maybe seeking support. Let's be honest even the strongest of us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent or unhappy at times and I'd like to help you understand and manage what ever life is throwing at you. I believe that you have the strength not just to survive but to thrive.



         Difficult times can leave us feeling....

            Lost, confused and trapped in a never ending cycle.

            We may find it just too hard to talk with friends or family for fear of being              

             judged or we worry that we maybe burdening them with our problems.

            Trying to navigate and find a way through seem impossible and scary.


           "Brain fog" and stress can make doing tasks feel like climbing a mountain.

             A lack of energy and motivation can lead to a never ending cycle of         

             self  punishment and tiredness.

             Intrusive thoughts can leave us feeling not good enough and cause a lack of self     



If this sounds familiar to you, then I'd like to help you.....


             Better understand your needs and how to communicate them effectively.

             Explore what is happening for you, and  together  find a path through.


             Improve your relationships and making connections with others.

             Foster a sense of self compassion and improve confidence in your abilities.

             Develop healthy ways to cope with challenging situations.

             Enhance  your rest, sleep and relaxation.

             Improve your self compassion and develop more positive self talk



             I have a special interest in supporting people with Anxiety and as such have   

            concentrated further training in this area of work.


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"Your present circumstances do not determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start."
Nido Quinn



My Approach

Counselling for some, can feel like a big step and I realise from the moment you first contact me that you may still be undecided if this is the right approach for you. For this reason I offer a free telephone consultation, where you have the opportunity to ask me questions and discuss what you would like from Counselling. This also gives you a better idea of who I am and help you decide if I'm the right therapist for you.

I believe that an important part of counselling is  building a relationship of safety, trust and acceptance, and establishing a place of emotional safety where you feel able to express all of your thoughts and feelings.

Being an integrative and creative therapist I am trained in a number of modalities which means I can offer a wide range of techniques and approaches to suit your needs.

So what to do next......

Either send me an email or use the contact form below and I will contact you for an informal chat to discuss your needs.


Please be aware due to the nature of my work my phone is usually on silent, therefore I ask that you to text or email and I'll reply within 24 hours, alternativley use the contact form below.