My Approach

I realise counselling may feel like a big step, and how important it is for you to find someone who you feel you can be open, honest and safe with, a person who will not judge you and who will accept you for the unique individual you are.


I believe in building a therapeutic relationship, where people feel safe, even when feeling vulnerable, where you will feel emotionally held, whilst exploring difficult issues.


Our counselling sessions together will always be focused on you the client, I am here to enable you to explore what's troubling you, and facilitate the changes you desire.

Being an integrative therapist, I understand how each person will need different things from Counselling. As well as offering talking therapy I offer creative ways and techniques to explore situations that may occur in your life, I believe that creativity can be a safe way to explore particularly painful memories or situations.

Visualizations, Mindfulness as well gently introducing goals can be options that you may feel worth exploring further.

For people who find they would like to try Counselling but have limited time I also have exceeded the BACP's standard of 80 hours of training to carry out therapy via Zoom or by telephone.

How I work will always be guided by the needs of each individual client.

Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Laura Sollis

Time for you

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11 Gandy Street, 



The Lady Mills Centre,

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Telephone : 07895848591

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